International Sand Art Competition

Hosted by the Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort in Key West, Florida

This event attracts thousands of people to Casa Marina Beach each year.

Sand sculptors from all over the world compete against each other on the largest privately owned beach in Key West, Florida, Thanksgiving weekend.


Rules flagler's Treasure Dig


 1.   Before buying the raffle ticket to attend the event please read all the official rules and eligibility to participate.


 2.   Three persons will be randomly chosen to participate in the Treasure Dig from those who registered.  To register for the drawing to be a Digger, you must purchase a raffle ticket, and submit your name and contact information on the Treasure Dig form to the organizers. 

3.   You must be 14 or older to participate, and you must have your parent(s) or guardian sign a consent form allowing you to participate if you are 17 years old or under.

 4.  If you are physically unable to participate in the actual dig the Organizers,  at their discretion may allow you to appoint a designee. The designee must agree to all other rules, regulations and agreements of the dig as if they themselves were the originally chosen digger.


 1.   The real prizes will not be hidden in the sand sculpture.  The goals is to collect as many tokens as possible. The first Digger to find and hold a marked token that indicates the right to claim the grand prize is the first place winner of the dig.  Only one marked token is hidden in the Sculpture.


 1.   Good sportsmanship is essential.

 2.   The Treasure Dig starts when all three Diggers are in position at a designated side around the sand sculpture and the organizer has given a start signal.

 3..   No touching, shoving, pulling, tripping or sabotaging the other diggers. You will be immediately disqualified.

 4.   Only one tool (provided by the organizer) and your hands are allowed to dig for treasure; you may wear gloves, and you must wear safety glasses.


 The treasure dig will go on until all prizes are found, winners verified, prizes handed out, or until such time, in the organizer’s discretion, as interest has waned sufficiently to believe that no one will find the remaining prizes in the sand.


 1.   The Organizers have done our best to create a Treasure dig that is fair. However, if there is any controversy about who gets what prize, the Organizers reserve the right not to award any prizes.

 2.   All Official Rules are subject to interpretation by the Organizers and in their the sole discretion.  All decisions made by the Organizers will be final.

 3.   The Organizers reserve the right to publish the winner or winners’ names in all forms of media including but not limited to print, television and the internet without remuneration to the winner.

During the International Sand Art Competition at the Casa Marina Resort in November 2014, three winners who got the t-shirt got to dig for treasure. The top prize was a real coin from Nuestra Senora de Atocha, valued around a $1,000. Overall about thirty prizes were handed out.