Sculptors 2018




Dan Belcher. - 

St. Louis


Dan has been creating professional sand sculptures since 1990. He is honored to have learned from many pioneers of the art form, and now to get the privilege of collaborating with, and learning from a family of many of the best and most talented sand sculptors from around the World.

During this time he has competed in scores of contests and hundreds of professional projects across the country around the world in Japan, China, Denmark, Italy, Australia, Great Britain and many other wonderful destinations.

Dan is also a Landscape Architect with a degree from Kansas State University.


Jakub Zimacek -

Czech Republic

I am 38 years old, born in Czech Republic. I am living in northeast part of Czech in the mountain area, so winter sports are my main activities, together with biking in summer. When i was 23, with friend we decided to go to Spain and travel and work on season jobs. At the end we never worked, but since we were good in juggling, we performed on the streets and collected money in hat. Later on we met Czech sand sculptors in south Spain and we joined them and started learning. We met each other while juggling and than we met again, this time sand sculpting. After a year in Spain I contacted sand sculpture festival organizer in Portugal, got accepted, met lots of great people and since then I work with sand full time. In my free time, while in home with my family, I sculpt wood. This year I will travel to make sand sculptures in America for the first time.


JOOheng Tan _


JOOheng Tan.jpg

Jooheng Tan has been sculpting sand since the late 90’s and since then has traveled the globe creating beautiful works of art in sand. We are very pleased he accepted our invitation to compete in Key West.


Fergus Mulvaney-


FergusMulvany Photo. Jpeg.jpg

Fergus fell into sand sculpting by chance in 1993 while studying sculpture in Dublin. Since then the medium
and culture of sand has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon and has carried him on it’s ever-widening
path from Europe to Australia and Asia to North America. Along the way he has picked up awards such
as 1st , 2nd and four time Sculptors’ Choice in the Moscow International Sand Championships, 1st in the
2012 Toronto CNE International Sand Masters, 2nd and Sculptors’ Choice in the 2012 San Diego US
Sand Sculpting Challenge and 1st in the 2013 and 2014 European Championships in Zandvoort, Holland.


Morgan Rudluff -

San Francisco



Morgan is a born an’ raised California girl. She has always had an artistic flair for life. As a child she molded clay in her father’s ceramics studio. As a teen she experimented wildly with puffy paint and rhinestones. In her early adulthood she dabbled in body-painting and learned to sew. Her twenties saw many parties and festivals and she designed many custom outfits, costumes, and accessories to keep herself busy. In 2006 she stumbled into sand sculpting and in the decade that followed she somewhat-dedicatedly built herself a career that would take her around the world carving sand with a delightful cast of international characters.

Much of her art accomplishments come from trying and failing and experimenting with her ever-renewing hope of improving. Morgan self-identifies as more of a “life-artist” than as a fine artist. She has been liberal in her adventuring and bold in her dreaming. Her passion has always been in investigating the subtleties of life and finding creative ways to showcase them. Morgan loves people and human nature and is a bit of an armchair psychologist-sociologist. Her favorite thing to do is spend quality time with loved ones.

In the past couple years Morgan has had several life changes. She married a fellow sand sculptor, Abe Waterman. She moved to San Francisco. She got a library card. She went back to school to study Massage Therapy. She has dreams of designing a new sort of creative life in the future, one that weaves bodywork and wellness care with creative artistic expression.

She loves the delights of food, the majesty of nature, the warmth of the sun, the laughter of friends. Currently she has her distant creative sights set on recording a podcast, the details of which are yet to be revealed!


Abe Waterman -

PEI, Canada


Abe Waterman, from PEI, Canada, has been creating artwork ever since he was old enough to eat crayons; he considered every new diaper a fresh canvas. Though some may still consider Abe’s output rather colourful, and he may still enjoy a crayola from time to time, he now works mostly on ephemeral mediums, such as sand and snow.


Adam Russel/ Kelly Lever-

Key West



This husband/wife team, as well as business partners, will try their hand at sand sculpting with this wild card entry . By trade they are known for specializing in the making and curating of functional pottery and fine art. Even though they are experienced in sculpture it will be very exciting to watch them explore and find their way to make this new medium their own.




Deb Catulle. -



Deborah Barrett- Cutulle from Saugus MA. is a graduate from the Art Institute in Boston. She works as an illustrator and muralist. She was introduced to the world of sand sculpting in 2005. She has sculpted at many events since then but has only recently started competing. When she is not creative with sand she is a part time DJ and Karaoke Host.